HP Latex Inks

HP Compatible Latex Inks 831 – 792

Latex inks are water-based, pigmented inks (pigments suspended in water rather than chemically bonded to the water). They are durable for both interior and exterior use, and they need not be laminated (although lamination will increase their lifespan). Digital Ink Direct has developed a range of inks which we believe offers great results for HP Latex Inks compatibility.

This is how they work: After the print heads apply the ink to the substrate, radiant heat and forced air within the inkjet printer cure the ink, evaporating the water-based elements and allowing the latex particles to become a durable film, adhering the pigmented particles to each other and to the substrate.

In terms of their colour qualities (colour gamut and colour stability), and their durability, latex inks are comparable to low-solvent inks. Latex inks are also flexible and stretchable, which makes them good for vehicle wraps and other applications over a base that is not flat. (For instance, latex inks are good for fabric signage.) We currently offer compatible inks for HP 792 and 831 series printers.