Kala starter and Starter HR

 Starter/HR 108Starter/HR 140Starter/HR 160   
Max Substrate Thickness50mm (2")50mm (2")50mm (2")
Max Working Width1170mm (46")1482mm (58")1654mm (65")
Film Reel Lengthup to 100mup to 100mup to 100m
Diameter of Rollers74mm76mm76mm
Self-Blocking Shafts333
Adjustable Speed m/mn1-3.6m1-3.6m1-3.6m
Power W190190190
Voltage230 or 100V/50-60Hz230 or 100V/50-60Hz230 or 100V/50-60Hz
Weight (machine only)78Kg105Kg114Kg
Weight (stand only)13Kg14Kg15Kg
Weight (machine & stand)91Kg119Kg129Kg
Dimensions (machine only) mmW 1478 x D 500 x H 775W 1790 x D 500 x H 775W 1962 x D 500 x H 775
Dimensions (machine & stand) mmW 1478 x D 530 x H 1465W 1790 x D 530 x H 1465W 1962 x D 530 x H 1465
Shipping Dimensinos (machine only) cm/KgW 185 x D 60 x H 90/122KgW 185 x D 60 x H 90/160KgW 200 x D 60 x H 90/170Kg
Working Table Height99.5cm99.5cm99.5cm